Why Autumn for Skin Peels?

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Autumn Peels: Why Autumn is the Prime Time for Skin Renewal

With the summer golden glow fading and those crisp, pumpkin-spiced vibes of autumn setting in, have you considered giving your skin the ultimate refresh? Here’s why autumn is affectionately dubbed the “peel season” in the cosmetics world.



Quick Peel 101

Sure, you exfoliate at home. But what’s a chemical peel? This pro-level in-clinic treatment is more than just a regular exfoliation. It’s a potent solution, meticulously applied by skincare experts, that pushes your skin to birth fresh, radiant cells, replacing the tired, damaged ones. Think of it as an extreme makeover for your skin – first, it dries, then the old skin peels off, revealing a smoother, rejuvenated complexion underneath. In just a week, any redness fades, and your skin gleams.


So, Why Autumn for Peels?

1. Undoing Sun’s Play: Overdid the sunbathing? Peel away the aftermath of summer – uneven tones, sun spots, and that dry, leathery feel.

2. Routine Reset: Summer travels and breaks might’ve thrown your skincare off its rhythm, leading to dull, uninspired skin. Autumn is your chance to refocus and reignite your skin goals. A peel can be the kickstarter!

3. Less Sun, More Fun: Post-peel skin is like a baby’s – super sensitive to the sun. With the sun playing hide and seek in autumn, it’s the ideal time for that peel.

4. Winter Prep: Before winter sends its mix of warm heaters and chilly breezes, arm your skin! A peel helps combat winter woes like dryness and irritation. Once those old cells are gone, your glow is back, and your skincare products work even better!

5. Festive Ready: With the festive season around the corner, imagine walking into those parties with radiant, glowing skin. An autumn peel ensures you shine bright!


Embrace the beauty of autumn

Cosy scarves, warm drinks, and the refreshing promise of chemical peels. Want to dive in? Contact your skin pro today and get the perfect peel before the pumpkins come out!