Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

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Enhanced absorption of nutrients

Peonia Medical are now providing Vitamin Injections, in our London, Nottingham & Leicester clinics, which are a quick and effective way of introducing vital nutrients directly to your bloodstream. Unlike orally taken vitamins, vitamin injections bypass the digestive system and result in a 90-100% vitamin absorption rate.

Intravenous Nutritional Therapy is used to enhance absorption of important nutrients directly into the cells, thus reducing inflammation and improving energy / stamina. Other possible effects include improved cell chemistry, immune system and pain threshold. Intravenous nutrition is used extensively for its possible anti-ageing properties, detoxification and to safely enhance sports performance.

Different mixtures are used for their different properties and benefits and their effects are noticed within weeks and sometimes, months. After an initial course, their frequency can be reduce while their benefits are maintained.





Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is an IV Drip?
An IV drip is a medical solution, often combined with various medications, designed for direct administration into one’s bloodstream via prominent veins, typically located inside the elbow or atop the hand.

Only qualified healthcare practitioners, predominantly nurses, oversee this procedure. The solution is elevated using a pole to harness gravity for a regulated flow, often supported by a flow rate controller or an infusion pump.

Its primary purposes include patient hydration and delivery of medicines that aren’t suitable for oral intake. The method is renowned for its swift and direct approach to dispatching fluids and medications.

What Constitutes an IV Drip?
The composition of an IV drip varies based on its intended treatment. Common constituents encompass:

Saline: This sterile concoction of water and salt aids in hydration and preserving the body’s electrolyte equilibrium.

Glucose: A sterilized blend of water and glucose provides vital energy.

Nutrients: Some drips are enriched with essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, underpinning the body’s core functions.

Medications: Certain therapeutic agents, such as antibiotics, analgesics, or chemotherapy drugs, can also be dispatched via IV drips.

The Upsides of IV Vitamin Therapy?
Choosing Intravenous Vitamin Therapy at Peonia Medical translates to an optimized intake of indispensable nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The direct route ensures these essentials sidestep the digestive system, ensuring peak absorption.
Duration of an IV Drip Session?
Typically, an IV drip procedure at our facility lasts between 45 to 60 minutes.
Longevity of IV Treatment Benefits?
The outcomes derived from our IV drips hinge on the selected treatment and your overall health. Generally, the palpable effects can linger for 2 to 4 days. However, the vitamins administered can stay potent within your system for up to 2 to 3 weeks, amplifying your body’s vitamin levels.
Recommended Frequency for Vitamin IV Sessions?
The interval between IV therapy sessions mainly depends on your therapeutic objectives. At Peonia Medical, we undertake preliminary diagnostic evaluations, enabling us to tailor our IV treatments to align with your unique health needs.

For a deeper insight into IV therapy, navigate to our comprehensive blog section or reach out for a peronalised detailed consultation.




Meet Dr. Tracy Xu

A Luminary in Nutrient IV Therapy

With an impressive tenure spanning over 14 years in the medical arena, Dr. Tracy Xu stands as a testament to dedication and expertise. A distinguished graduate from the Medical School of Sichuan University and a full-time aesthetic and holistic doctor at her own well-being clinic, Dr. Xu is an enthusiast in the realm of IV nutrient therapy.

Proudly affiliated with both the British Medical Association and the Royal Society of Medicine, her practice revolves around a profound commitment to elevating individual health and well-being through IV nutrient therapy. At Peonia Medical, every patient benefits from her meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled care.



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