Surgical Facelift

Surgical face-lift for rejuvenating and lifting the whole face




The ultimate lift

We provide surgical facelifts in our London, Nottingham & Leicester clinics. When all other alternative treatments cannot fulfil your desire for a youthful and lifted face, a facelift is an operation to tighten and lift the skin and soft tissues. This will result in a tighter and smoother look and a more youthful appearance. A facelift is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes two to three hours. The surgical technique will depend on what area is being lifted.

SMAS facelift – Your surgeon will incise both sides of your face in the hairline around your ears. They will cut under the deeper layer of tough tissue (superficial musculoaponeurotic system or SMAS layer), lifting and tightening it. Your surgeon will then pull the skin towards your ears and remove any excess skin.

MACS facelift – The MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) facelift involves a smaller incision eliminating any scarring behind the ear. Your surgeon will tighten the SMAS layer with special suspension stitches to avoid cutting underneath it. MACS facelift involves minor surgery, but the results may not last as long as a SMAS facelift.

Mid-facelift – A mid facelift addresses the area below your lower eyelids over the cheekbone. Your surgeon will make minor cuts along your hairline and either inside your mouth or in your lower eyelid. They will use special surgical instruments and stitches to lift the cheeks.

For those not ready for surgery, non-surgical treatments such as  BOTOX®  or  dermal fillers  can help refresh the look but do not tackle excess skin.





Frequently Asked Questions

What is a facelift surgery?
A facelift is an operation to tighten and lift the skin and soft tissues. This will result in a tighter and smoother look and a more youthful appearance.
How long will it take to recover?
The total recovery time of a surgical facelift is up to 4 weeks. You will go through different stages of healing after the surgery and a detailed leaflet will be provided after your consultation.
What are the side effects?
  • You may experience swelling and bruising following your facelift
  • You may feel tightness when opening your mouth
  • Your surgeon may ask you to sleep upright for the first few days to keep swelling under control
  • Stitches can be removed after 10 to 14 days
  • Be sure and discuss your return to work with your surgeon
  • At around four weeks you will be feeling more like your “normal” self
  • However, the full effect of a facelift may not be visible for 6 to 9 months after the procedure.
Is the facelift surgery safe?

At Peonia Medical, we have handpicked the very best plastic surgeons who are experts in cosmetic facelift surgery. Performed by experienced surgeons, the facelift is strictly under the regulation of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which means only the CQC registered premises can provide this service safely. At Peonia Medical, we make sure you are only treated at a CQC registered premises.

What happens during and after the surgery?
The procedure involves your surgeon making a cut in the natural skin crease at the side of your face. With the internal soft tissue being secured by surgical stitches, the surgeon will remove any excess skin and close the wound using staples. The incision scar will be hidden near the ear and the hairline so you will barely see it. The staples are removed 14 days later. You will have some bruising and swelling for 2-3 weeks afterwards and the detailed stages of healing will be provided in your leaflet after a thorough consultation.



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