Understanding Carbon Laser Peels

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The Rising Trend of Carbon Laser Peels for Skin Enhancement

In recent years, the quest for flawless skin has led nearly two million Americans to opt for minimally invasive skin resurfacing treatments in 2020 alone. Among the plethora of options available, chemical peels and laser treatments stand out for their efficiency, affordability, and convenience. These treatments, which can be broadly categorized into superficial, medium, and deep, vary in their penetration levels into the skin, thus differing in results and recovery times.


For those seeking a gentle yet effective solution for mild to moderate skin concerns, the carbon laser peel emerges as a highly favored choice.

Understanding Carbon Laser Peels

Contrary to what the name might suggest, carbon laser peels diverge from traditional chemical peels. This innovative procedure combines a carbon-based lotion with laser technology to achieve a peeling effect without deeply penetrating the skin. As a result, patients enjoy a swift recovery, resuming their daily activities immediately after the 30-minute session. But how exactly does this process unfold?

The Procedure Explained

Performed in a doctor’s office or medi-spa by a certified professional, the carbon laser peel involves a few key steps:

1. Application of Carbon Lotion:
A dark, carbon-rich cream is applied to the skin, acting as an exfoliant and bonding with surface impurities.

2. Warming Laser:
A laser is then used to heat the carbon in the lotion, helping it absorb skin impurities.

3. Pulsed Laser:
Finally, a pulsed laser targets the carbon, destroying it along with any trapped oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. This step also stimulates collagen and elastin production, enhancing skin firmness.

Remarkably, the procedure is so mild that no numbing cream is required, and patients can leave immediately afterward.

Benefits of Carbon Laser Peels

Primarily, carbon laser peels are celebrated for their effectiveness against acne, clearing and preventing breakouts by removing oil, debris, and bacteria from pores. However, their benefits extend beyond acne treatment, also addressing:

  • Signs of premature aging
  • Dull complexion, tone, and texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Oily skin
  • Dark spots
  • Mild acne scars


Preparing for and Recovering from the Treatment

With carbon laser peels being non-invasive and gentle, extensive preparation isn’t typically necessary. Still, consulting with a doctor is advisable, especially for those on prescription skin treatments. Post-treatment, patients might experience slight redness, but this subsides within a day. Doctors recommend gentle skincare products and sun protection following the procedure.

For optimal results, a series of four to six treatments, spaced several weeks apart, may be suggested. The immediate post-treatment effects include brighter, clearer skin, with long-term improvements in collagen and elastin production further enhancing the skin’s appearance.

In conclusion, carbon laser peels offer a promising solution for individuals seeking to improve their skin’s health and appearance without the downtime associated with more invasive procedures. As with any skincare treatment, professional guidance is crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Our own beautiful patient Bev’s testimonials:

“I Had a carbon laser peel and the results are great, my skin looks fresh and smooth. The staff were really friendly and explained everything as the process was happening. It didn’t hurt and my face was only red for about an hour afterwards. Definitely recommend for a good boost to the skin.”