Thermage FLX vs Fillers

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Should I do Thermage first or fillers first?

This is a very good question.

Firstly, we need to clarify one thing: Which aspect do you want to improve?

Considering the common issue of wrinkles in the lower face, the underlying causes vary for each person:

  1. If your face is generally thin without excess fat, but you have developed hollows or sagging due to aging, then it is recommended to start with filler injections to restore lost volume and then proceed with Thermage FLX to tighten the skin and fascial layers. This approach will yield the most noticeable and natural results. If the treatment order is reversed, there is a high chance that Thermage alone may not provide the desired outcome, and you may lose confidence (or budget) for subsequent filler injections.
  2. If you have an excess or heavy amount of fat in the lower face and noticeable skin sagging, then we would likely recommend starting with Thermage treatment. This will effectively improve skin elasticity and ‘lighten the load’ in the lower face, resulting in better enhancement effects during subsequent filler injections.

These are just the two most typical signs of aging in the lower face, and the most suitable treatment for your specific condition should be determined through a consultation with a doctor.


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