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Apply your products the correct way


Is this 👆🏻how you apply your skincare everyday?

🙀Do you know if not applied correctly, skincare products do more harm than good?

〰Bottom line is, almost everyone would like a face-lift. Not necessarily a surgical one, but if it can be done painless and free, wouldn’t you like it?

🤔Think about it – even if you are at your prime age of 21 – you wouldn’t want the face to start going down faster than it should, would you

🤲Together with all the skincare tips I have already shared earlier, this tip today also effectively delay ageing processs, especially any signs related to gravity – sagging 👵🏻.

1️⃣Now, think about the direction of the undesirable wrinkles we normally see on our face: crows feet, forehead lines, mouth to nose lines, marionette lines … we want none of them to get deeper.

2️⃣Next, simply think about how we smooth out a piece of folded cloth – we smooth it out in the direction that is PERPENDICULAR to the folded lines.

3️⃣Then think of our face as this cloth – it should make sense now how we should be touching our face when applying skincare products. This is essentially the everyday FACE-LIFT activity you can achieve!

❇️As the above picture:

The demonstrated directions are all perpendicular to the typical wrinkles at these area.

😢Sadly, a lot of us apply skincare rather randomly.

🏛Classical mistakes:

🚫Only use one hand to apply skincare: in this way, it is difficult to make sure the products are applied in a symmetrical pattern⚖️ for both sides of the face. Therefore even if you are using products in the correct direction on one side, you are likely using it wrongly on the other side, just because your right hand ✋ cannot conveniently massage your left face from middle to side.

🚫Many people also use the palm of the non-dominant hand as a temporary container of the blob of the product, resulting in chronic sensitivity/eczema to the hand (speaking from my clinical experience).

‼️Worse habit is to keep taking small amount of product within one application out of the pot, which greatly raise the number of bacteria that’s built up over time.

❗️Not tightly close your products after use. Especially if you are using products with active ingredients that a susceptible to oxidisation. After a short while, your products could lose efficacy much sooner than the labelled shelf life.

❓Are you making any of the above mistakes?

If you are not sure, an easy way to self check is to film your whole skincare routine. Videos speak a thousand words. And it can be the most honest fact.

⁉️Do you have any other FACE-LIFT tips? 🥰Comment below and thanks for sharing!

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