Rose is red – Rosacea awareness

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April Is Rosacea Awareness Month. Do you suffer from rosacea 🌹?

rosacea❓Whether you have heard of it or not, nearly everyone 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦can experience specific changes in the skin that could lead to rosacea if not relieved📉 in its early stages.

🔬The common signs of rosacea are:

🥵Facial redness

😖Skin Thickening


🥴Bumps and Pimples

😡Visible Blood Vessels

🤧Eye Irritation

🤕Burning or Stinging



The exact cause of rosacea remains unknown❎ and there is NO CURE❌, but avoiding some main triggering factors can ✅help relieve symptoms, such as:

🔥Avoid extreme heat

🌱Use a gentle cleanser

☀️Use mineral sunscreen with SPF>30

📝Keep a rosacea diary to discover lifestyle triggering factors

📋Avoid potential ingredients that are common allergens to the skin

👁‍🗨You do not need a diagnosis of rosacea to start implementing that advice as they are beneficial to nearly all skin types and are ☑️especially helpful for rosacea.

🛎If you do suspect that you have a flare-up of rosacea or struggle to control your symptoms, 👩🏻‍⚕️Dr Tracy at Peonia Medical is happy 🤗to help and will walk you through step-by-step effortlessly 💪🏻managing this condition.