Leading Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic 2022

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We were delighted to receive an award from GHP – Global Health & Pharma for the leading Doctor-Led Aesthetics Clinic in 2022. View the article below…

Peonia Medical, the company that has become widely known as ‘Nottingham’s Leading Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic’ for 2022, also has clinics in Leicester and London. Additionally, with another clinic on the way – this one to focus on the training and teaching of UK aesthetic professionals in treatments popular amongst East Asian nations – it has been thrust to pre-eminence in its industry in the eyes of both clients and peers. Working with diligence and rigour, its dedication to science, innovation, and customer service has secured it a place at the head of the pack in its sector.

A leader in advanced aesthetics and skin treatments, Peonia Medical has clinics across the UK, from Nottingham to Leicester and even London. Nominally, it was created by and is still run by Dr Tracy Xu, one of the foremost professionals in her field, who has developed it into a great example of modern aesthetic medicine. Combining oriental aesthetic practices and complete compliance with UK medical and treatment law, it offers wrinkle-reduction injections, dermal filler face contouring, non-surgical rhinoplasty, precision tear-through correction, thread-lifting, medical-grade skin treatments, and wellness treatments from intravenous therapies to weight management.

Fundamentally, during offering each of these services to its clientele, it takes great pains to show its commitment to the values and principles that Dr Tracy Xu has ensured make up the beating heart of the clinics and the team of professionals that run each of them. To boil it down to a singular phrase, these values could be summed up in the want to ‘create a natural, healthy, and balanced look for everyone’. It does this – with the help of the extraordinary team it has assembled – in a manner that allows it to tailor its services to each client, educating them on the nitty gritty of its treatments in order to ensure that they can give fully informed consent before it proceeds…