Best Natural Medicine for Your Skin

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🚱What’s stopping you from drinking enough water?

🫀We should all understand the essential role water plays in normal physiological functions by now. 🧖🏻‍♀️Same principle applies to our skin. 💨When the outermost layer of your skin does not contain enough moisture, the skin will lose its elasticity and feel rough.

💥If you feel that you have dry, itchy, ageing or acne prone skin, it is very likely that you do not drink enough water to keep the skin healthy and soft.

💧In general, an average sized female adult will need 2.7L of water intake every 24 hours, and 3.7L for males.

🚰That is, (for females) 10 of those average sized mugs, 3-4 of the 750ml Evian bottles, or 4-5 or the 50cl Buxton bottles. You can drink any sort of fluid you like, but please go light on ☕️caffeinated or 🧃sugar-sweetened drinks. 🍈Melons are great and tasty source for water too!

🏋🏻If you go to the gym, are 🤱breastfeeding or 🤰pregnant, experiencing 🤒fever, 🤮vomiting or 😵‍💫diarrhea, or if staying in 🔥warm rooms (such as the offices) for hours, add at least one more 750ml bottle.

❗️Remember, nothing works well without enough water intake. It is way more worthy establishing a healthy habit to drink adequate water🏺, before you go around hunting for the most 💷expensive creams🧴. Moisturisers serve to 🔒lock water within the skin, but you need to provide enough water first for it to lock.

👁‍🗨What’s more, you rarely need to worry about drinking too much water. Water intoxication is a very rare condition that normally only happens to frontline soldiers or professional athletes who have lost significant amount of sweat before they binge drink buckets of water (which is now better monitored by their nutritionists of course).

🚾Toilet breaks? I train myself to love it! They are great opportunities for me to refresh my mind, stretch my whole body before going back to the clinic work! Plus, have confidence in your bladder! It is formed by muscles and muscles can be trained to stretch. Also, your kidney will learn how much to filter or reabsorb, according to your fluid intake. When you have established regular adequate water intake, you will find that you do not actually have to go to toilet all the time.

🤠So, what’s stopping you?

👩🏻‍⚕️Let us know your barriers of drinking water, and we will try to provide some tips!